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Please contact us with any questions that you may have about placing an order with us.

The prices generated by the search engine may have changed since the manufacturer uploaded the information and depending on the item, may or may not include the cost of decoration.  In some cases, the same item may appear in a search more than once as a manufacturer may not have deleted the same item that was available during the previous catalog year or the manufacturer has run or is currently running a special on the item.

If you have any questions about an item, select an item from the database to add to your shopping cart, then hit the "request a quote" button.  Once you have indicated what additional information you require, then send the cart and we will reply to the email address you provided when you entered your profile. 

It is not necessary to enter credit card information in order to get a quote or ask a question about an item.  Payment information is only required when you are making a final purchase.  We will provide the final cost including set up charges to you via quote before you finalize the sale and enter your method of payment.

Customer satisfaction is priority one.  No final charge will be made to a credit card without a final sales order being emailed, confirmed and approved by our customer.

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Toll-Free Fax:  866-765-6637

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